---Pool Provider--- --------LP--------          --Reward Tokens--  --INFO--
     Synthetix       Curve sUSD                  SNX, CRV
     Synthetix       Synthetix iETH              SNX
     Synthetix       Synthetix iBTC              SNX
  Synthetix + Ren    Curve sBTC                  SNX, REN, BAL, CRV
   yearn.finance     yearn.finance governance    yCRV
      mStable        Balancer mUSD-USDC          MTA, BAL
      mStable        Balancer mUSD-WETH          MTA, BAL
      mStable        Balancer mUSD-MTA 20-80     MTA, BAL
      mStable        Balancer mUSD-MTA 95-5      MTA, BAL
      mStable        Uniswap MTA-WETH            MTA
    UMA Project      Balancer yUSD-USDC          UMA, BAL
    yfii.finance     Curve yCRV                  YFII, CRV
    yfii.finance     Balancer YFII-DAI           YFII, BAL?
    cream.finance    Uniswap CREAM-ETH           CREAM
    cream.finance    Balancer CREAM-ETH          CREAM

--- Governance ---   --------INFO--------
   yearn.finance     yearn proposal voting

----- Vaults -----   --------INFO--------
   yearn.finance     yearn vaults                Supports yCRV, DAI, USDT, TUSD, USDC, aLINK


Resources: Utilities: @zapper_fi - dashboard for all of the farming and #DeFi (Recommended for beginners) @zerion_io - my 2nd goto for defi dashboard. Also has easy transactions export to csv for tax purposes via TokenTax. @DeBankDeFi - all-in-1 DeFi wallet @TokenTax - the easiest way to file your cryptocurrency and DeFi tax returns. DeX (Decentralized Exchanges) & Aggregators: @matchaxyz - Robinhood of crypto trading. It just works. (Recommended for beginners) @1inchExchange - gives most optimal trades between tokens via 400 IQ AI @DEXAG_TokenWire - optimizes trades by splitting between AMM Yield Farming: @AaveAave - farm APY while waiting for new token economy @BalancerLabs - farm $BAL by staking your tokens into Balancer pools @CurveFinance - farm stablecoin APY, Pool Tokens, $SNX, $CRV, $YFI @synthetix_io - farm SNX, mint sUSD, stake SNX, stake Curve or Balancer LP tokens @compoundfinance - farm $COMP by lending and borrowing @iearnfinance - farm $YFI with andre cronje's crazy pumpementals @renprotocol - open protocol that enables the permissionless and private transfer of value between any blockchain News: @DefiantNews - The DeFi news platform - perfect for article lovers. They also have a youtube channel. @sassal0x - Founder of TheDailyGwei, a daily news about Ethereum and DeFi ecosystem. Great for catching up with latest news. @defiprime - catch latest news on DeFi world in bite sized tweets @BanklessHQ - the ultimate guide to crypto finance @DeFiRate - a trusted resource for all things #DeFi @DeFi_Dad - a super user creating tutorials on DeFi (Recommended for beginners) DeFi Pulse Farmer - a substack newsletter by DeFi Pulse 1000 IQ club: @ChainLinkGod - "few understand this" @DegenSpartan - galaxy brain takes on DeFi with hentai memes @devops199fan - super active DeFi farmer - always rts the spiciest dramas @CL207 - his bags create sell side liquidity crsis @Cooopahtroopa - Editor of @defirate and a contributor to @DefiantNews Special Thanks: @kaiynne Thanks for funding the project! @econoar Thanks for funding the project! README on GitHub Donation: https://gitcoin.co/grants/1005/yieldfarminginfo 0x4BC821fef2ff947B57585a5FDBC73690Db288A49